2 USB Port World Travel AC Power Charger Adapter


Getting customers to trade shows or other related events is simple when you send 2 USB Port World Travel AC Power Charger Adapter as an invitation. It has features like universal all-in-one world travel plug adapter, one piece unit with 4 international adapters, protect your computer and personal appliances from spikes,  charge adapter is suitable for MP3 digital camera mobile phone, 2 USB quality AC power source, AC plug 100-240V max power 650W, plug standard all US UK EU, easy to use fits wall outlets in the most commonly traveled regions, it is small and portable, can link with many mobile phone, USB plug DC 5V 1A / 0.5A and is best used for connecting plugs will encourage them to visit your company’s display.
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Packing Method: Box Packing
Product Features:Universal All-in-one World Travel Plug Adapter, One Piece Unit With 4 International Adapters, Protect Your Computer And Personal Appliances From Spikes,  charge Adapter Is Suitable For MP3 Digital Camera Mobile Phone, 2 USB Quality AC Power Source, AC Plug 100-240V Max Power 650W, Plug Standard All US UK EU, Easy To Use Fits Wall Outlets In The Most Commonly Traveled Regions, It Is Small And Portable, Can Link With Many Mobile Phone, USB Plug DC 5V 1A / 0.5A
Product Material: Poly Carbonate
Product Size: 61 x 56 x 46 mm
Imprint Size:61 x 56 x 46 mm (Can be reduce or increase)
Imprint Method: Screen Printing

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